The following are unsolicited comments from people who emailed me after sessions or seminars.
“Working with Jill resolved my Rheumatoid Arthritis, I am now disease free, medication free and symptom free.”
Thank you, C. A. Atlanta, Georgia
I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for the last three amazing days. I felt that I am fully understood and accepted.
Thank you for all the wisdom and insight! And looking forward to connecting with you more in the future.
My Best Regards, E.S., Georgia (class participant)
Still having such amazing transformation. On levels I did not expect, which is all the better. Just wanted to let you know how appreciated you and this healing modality are. I just worked with two little boys , it was amazing! Feeling so excited, humbled and tender. Thank you for all you have done.
~ Laura, Florida (class participant)
“What a blessing my appointment with you last Friday has been to me. I not only slept 5 consecutive hours each night since, but I’ve slept so soundly. I am ready to embrace what comes my way and realize all the choices are mine. I am excited about entering this next season for me coming from a place of bravery and saying yes.
You helped me and I can’t wait to share the experience. I am grateful!”
~ Stefani, Georgia
“I am astounded at all the wonderful changes that have come effortlessly.  My Soul definitely feels so much better inside my body.  The weekend after I saw you I decided to start working on going through my parent’s stuff in my basement. First time in 15 years that I didn’t feel overwhelmed or stand in the basement turning around and around not knowing where to start. I actually realized at one ​point, I was enjoying and having fun going through the stuff to donate and sell. Oh and there has been a lot of other things that have changed too but wanted to thank you for the major ones.”
~ Debbie, Georgia
“Your treatment while at the beach has greatly made an impact on my summer. After working on me for less than an hour, my ear was almost completely drained of the fluid, and it has yet to occur again this summer! Thanks so much for giving me the treatment that consumer products couldn’t!”
~ Emily, Fla.
“Thank you so much Jill for the work you did with my Mom! My Mom is a totally new person, she is alive again. You were so right … She had given up … She feels so much stronger and enthusiastic, and her legs are way better too. Everyday I see improvement.
Thank you for all you do… Your work is pure art of unconditional love ….”
P.R. ~ Columbia, South America
“S. wanted me to thank you again for the miraculous healing. Her ear looked so incredibly better even when we were driving away. It was a HUGE difference than 2 hours before, where it looked scary and disgusting. It is completely flat (it had been a large bump) and looks almost normal. She said it did not hurt to the touch, which it had quite a bit before as well. Also, her knee is 99.9% better as well! She ran a 5K yesterday and it barely bothered her at all. Amazing!”
~ S.G, Georgia
“Already I am noticing big shifts since the workshop. Even funny things like suddenly over half the clothes in my closet don’t appeal to me at all any more. Like last week, I loved them..now, they’re “not me.” I have already bought myself some new clothes and shoes this week and are loving them. I also published my website and feel great about it. I also am ecstatic about the fact that things about dynamics in some of my family relationships, which formally drove me insane, now do not hook me AT ALL. They caused me tremendous anxiety and sometimes I could not control my anger. Now I am able to calmly and lovingly address those same issues that formally caused me to freak out.”
~ A., Florida
I want to thank you for the training yesterday. I had a lot of stuff released: more than I ever imagined. My awareness is so heightened and my energy is so high, that I’ve thrown myself into the question, “What else is possible?” So far, it has led me to rough out a children’s book. Since I am a writer, that hasn’t been writing, this is HUGE. It is so much fun. My life has been so heavy for the last year taking care of a very sick brother. It feels good to play again.
BTW, my back is painless. Thanks so much!
~ Phyllis, Alabama
“The healing you did for me was phenomenal!  I can’t believe how much work was done in 30 minutes!  I am so appreciative! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”
~ Ayana R,  Georgia
“Words cannot express my gratitude. I am pregnant! After 8 failed cycles of various fertility treatments, we finally conceived during our 9th cycle, a week after seeing you. It is a miracle! Thank you for clearing out any old energy or issues that were keeping me from getting pregnant, and for creating a supportive energy and environment. When Ellie and I saw that positive pregnancy test, we were floored. It is truly amazing and we can not thank you enough.
In addition to the pregnancy, I have also noticed a shift with my co-workers, employees, and loved ones. I will recommend your services to anyone and everyone who feels as though their life could use a little clearing out of the old junk to make way for all of the beautiful treasures the future holds. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
~Janet B, Georgia
“Jill, Gosh, where and how to start….?? Perhaps by thanking you very, very much with all my ‘heart’ for your wonderful teachings. I’ve been searching for over 25 years, have taken many seminars, therapies, treatments…….You name it…!! Your seminar although covers all this complex information about quantum, gives at the same time the easiest but most effective tools I have ever used. (Again, I have used TONS of them …..LOL) First time that I have attended a seminar and truly can say that all my questions were 100% answered and beyond……. Your seminar also automatically has organized all that chaos of information that I had from the past in such beautiful way, I now have much more clarity than ever before…….. I truly had an awesome experience, better yet, still having it, living it. Jill, really, THANK YOU…!!!! My heart sings and now I can hear the lyrics……!!!!”
~ Diego, Vibrational Synergy Class
“Dear Jill: Wanted to thank you so much for having me being part of this wonderful weekend !!!  By far the best course I have ever taken !! Your way of teaching was very Clear, the energy was absolutely wonderful, and everybody was pleasant !!!  I have learned so much ! and all my questions were answered !!!! I am definitely looking forward to our next meeting …..
Sending you lots of love and appreciation … ”
~ Pilar, Vibrational Synergy Class
“Hi Jill- Just wanted to let you know that not only is Elwood starting to jump around more and seem himself again, but he was physically transformed yesterday after the session. I know it’s possible and I’ve seen this sort of thing in myself in smaller ways, but seeing him regain his muscle tone and strong stature instantaneously like that was really cool. Thank you! I think he wants to show me I can heal things instantly too!”
~ Janet S. and Elwood the Cat
“Dear Jill, I have been experiencing some truly incredible manifestations in my life since I began listening to your CD! I am feeling such a sense of profound peace and joy as well. Thank you for this healing gift.”
~ Linda, Olympia, Washington
“Jill, Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday! I left feeling like I was floating on a bubble and wanted to just give the grass a hug, I’ve never felt like that! Thanks again”
~Jessica, Georgia
“Thank you! Your service is worth 1000x’s it’s weight in gold. The Meditation CD is awesome. ”
~ Geane, Georgia
“Taking the workshop with Jill was above and beyond what I expected.  Her immense knowledge and teaching techniques go beyond just reading the pages of a book or manual.  She kept our training hands-on the majority of the time to instill the knowledge and confidence she wanted in us students.  As we gave each other healings, we received healings as well.  And the extra boost of confidence came when we could see the transformation in each other after we exchanged treatments almost instantaneously!  Although the technique is a working technique in itself, I truly believe that having a gifted teacher such as Jill helped us to truly understand and implement this technique properly and safely.  I am very honored to have Jill as my mentor and am looking forward to continuing my education with her.”
~ Sophie BM, Florida
“The effect of the meditations are beyond words. Thank you for the gift in your voice. Many thanks”
Pragati ~ Atlanta, Georgia
“Just to let you know I just got a new client and it was EASY!!!!! We start today,it couldn´t get faster haha…Thanks for the session yesterday; I will definitely book some more sessions in the future!   Big hug”
~ Sylvia,  Spain
“A former school mate’s husband had open heart surgery and became septic because of an abscess on his heart and the doctors were uncertain that the stitches would hold.  I made an appointment with Jill.  Amazingly, she had an opening the next day, something that has never happened before.  The same day after the appointment, the man’s heart began beating on his own.  Three day later, his kidneys started to work.  He left the hospital alive one week later.  The doctors called it divine intervention, a miracle.  Many people were praying which added to his recovery but I know from my own personal experience how energetics bring transformation to one’s life.  Jill has been a blessing in my and my family’s life.  I tell everyone about her.”
~ Joan , Oregon
“I can feel the shifts! New ideas, new solutions & a reawakening are occurring. Thank you for your healing gifts & your insights. I cannot thank you enough:)”
~ Jimmie
“My Father passed –in TOTAL PEACE– last night. So much of what I was able to share with him, at so many levels, was a result of you extraordinary work. Thank you so much.”
~ Stuart, Florida
“My blood pressure had been uncharacteristically high for about 2-3 months.  It was about 164 over 99.  I had tried a few energy methods and had it down to about 156 over 99.  I wasn’t satisfied and made an appointment with Jill.  I could tell that the problem had been alleviated before I took another blood pressure reading.  My session with Jill was on a Wed.  On Friday, my blood pressure was down to 146 over 84!  I am so grateful!”
~ TD Atlanta Ga.
“I was amazed that within the session, my locked-up tight shoulder muscles (something I’d been struggling with for weeks despite going to my chiropractor) was gone. And within a few hours of the session, a cute healthy guy asked me out on a date, AND I got a call from an old acquaintance offering me lucrative regular freelance work!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
~ Janet, Atlanta Ga.
“In December 2009 my father had a hip replacement. The operation went quite well, however he needed 5 blood transfusions. That took a lot of energy from him. In February 2010, my father didn’t felt very well and after some tests, scans etc. the doctors discovered that he has colon cancer. End of April he had an operation to remove the tumor. (Again he needed 4 blood transfusions and his energy went down).  In May 2010, you came to Holland and I took the workshop with you, during that weekend we worked on my father and we hoped that the results of the operation were okay. The week after he has got his results and they were amazing. The cancer was gone, the doctors were able to take everything away and there were no dissemination. But there was another problem. My father didn’t have any energy. He was very, very tired. He wasn’t able to do anything by himself. Two weeks later I did the level II and III with you. I asked you whether you could work on my father via me to work on his energy. It is amazing, from that time on his energy went up. In July (two months later) for three weeks he went camping. He was driving his car, he was biking again, he was singing in the choir once a week. Nowadays he still lives on his own with his wife and they are still very happy together. February 2011, a year later after the discovering of his cancer and he is still alive. He enjoys his life very much. For his birthday we joined him for a dinner in a restaurant and we can still enjoy his company. I hope it will last for many more years. I am convinced that this has worked for my father (and is still working, because I use it everyday).
Dear Jill, herewith I want to thank you very much!!”
~Love, Daphne G. (The Netherlands)
“Thank you very much. It is so odd to me not to have the cravings for sugar etc that I had before. I have not had any fast food since I saw you -I have not wanted any fast food is what is amazing to me. You have no idea what a struggle it has been for me over the last decade. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is just amazing.”
~ Kelly , Atlanta Georgia
“Just wanted to let you know that Jerry trimmed Noble’s front feet this morning and Noble stood the best he has ever stood to be shod. This is a very big deal! He never got worried, he never leaned on Jerry, and he did not slam his foot down as he was previously prone to do. Noble even actually “talked ” to Jerry – before Noble would either act nervous or sort of‚ “go away” not really stay in his body when Jerry was around him. I think this is the first time Jerry has not gotten his back hurt when working with Noble. We (all 3 of us) thank you for your help.”
~ working with Noble the Horse  ~ West Virginia
“Jill, just wanted to thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart for your gift of healing. I left your office literally feeling *reborn*. I am filled with an overwhelming love and joy, and feel connected to the Universe in a way I’ve never felt before. I wish more people could understand this powerful emotion of Oneness and bliss…that we are all connected to each other and to the unimaginable tapestry of the Universe.”
Much Love and Light to you…
~ Traci R., Georgia
“So I just got home and checked my email. For close to a year, I wrote grants for a film project and was unsuccessful. No one wanted to fund the project. I just today got an email from someone who is interested in financing the film!! I’m sure it’s connected to the corrections for abundance. Awesome! Weee!”
~ Anonymous, Atlanta Georgia
“Jill has absolutely changed my life. I first met Jill at a free demo that she hosted and I got to see the effect she had not only on me but on the others who attended. I personally have experienced tremendous changes and growth in my own life but the most amazing thing for me has been to see how she has completely changed the lives of my family members. She has helped me attract and appreciate a higher vibration resulting in a more free, joyous life! Thanks Jill!”
~ Cheryl N., Georgia
“My name is Beth; we met at the L.A. workshop. You did a healing on my left ear (hearing) which I never thanked you for. I guess I keep waiting to see if it sticks which I am happy to say it has!!! What a powerful experience that was for me. The emotion that welled up inside of me was enormous. I can’t thank you enough. The difference has been remarkable that I am in awe of my new found ability to hear and feel balanced in noisy situations. Thank you again. Hugs and kisses.”
~ Beth, California

“Jill is gentle healer and patient listener. I came to her when I was feeling very low, and she was eager to lift me up. During the session, she helped me get to the core of central issues I’ve been struggling with and to shift those energies.  Jill helped me to heal my broken heart. Through muscle testing, she also showed me how my body understands, registers,and stores certain energies. By the end of the session, I was aware of a new me– my body even confirmed how previous feelings of weakness had shifted to feelings of strength and fullness”
~ Noor, Atlanta, GA
“I had been depressed for about 10 months, not getting out of bed many days. I didn’t know what the depression was linked to. A friend told me about Jill, and I thought I would try it. The day after my first session I was up cleaning my house and smiling, my friends were amazed at the difference in me. The work Jill did helped me to regain my life. I have also seen Jill for physical pain, which disappeared during the session and has not returned.”
~ Lisa, Georgia
“There is something special about working with Jill that lifts you up to a new level. Each session, I feel lighter, clearer, more relaxed, more free. Jill is one who truly embodies the wisdom and light that she shares during her sessions.”
~ Andrew M., Delaware
“I met Jill while attending one of her classes.  To my wondrous surprise not only did I learn but I was also healed.  After the first day’s class Jill spent some time that evening working on an abdominal burning issue that I’ve had 24-7 for over 28 years.  I felt unsure right after Jill’s treatment but by the next morning all burning in my abdomen had disappeared and is still gone to this day.  Jill is an amazing person, healer and teacher.  Knowing and learning from Jill has changed my life for the better forever.  Thank you Jill. Namaste.”
~ Gina, Charlotte, NC, Yuen Method Class
**The following are comments taken from the feedback forms from seminars/classes.
This class has opened up so much for me and my reality. This is a class you have to be ready to receive, and when you are ready to receive so much floods in. I am so grateful for this new and expanded energy being presented in my life.”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
“This is my second class and it was amazing. This work gets better and better and better, always expanding. It is fantastic to remember that we are creators and we are always creating.”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
“Jill is a phenomenal teacher, not only able to do the work but can present and teach in a manner you can understand and apply.”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
“So many things shifted for me during the workshop. I have a whole new tool kit to use on my journey forward and a delicious lightness of being.”
~ Vibrational Synergy class
“Jill has a remarkable ability to create an optimal environment for learning through enabling the students’ self-healing capabilities to heal others. I highly recommend this class.”
~ Kate D. Vibrational Synergy class
“I feel a powerful connection with life all around me after having experienced the Vibrational Synergy 1 class. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for this shift within me.”
~ Vibrational Synergy class
“I got everything I had hoped for and more from the class. This is something I can use in every area of my life and experience. Thanks Jill for creating and sharing this class.
~ Vibrational Synergy class
“Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. It has been by far that best course I had ever taken. I feel so confident and able to play more with my energy!”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
“I am so grateful that you created this class. You made it easy.”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
“This class rocked the Casbah! Mucho million trillion thousand x’s, infinite thanks….. I feel great and more confident in knowing I can do this!!”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
” Wonderful profound healing experienced – excellent ”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
” Amazing…beyond words…Divine..Thank you”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
“Please continue this type of class … peaceful, clarifying, and loving”
~Vibrational Synergy Class
“Wonderful experience, very transformative – fun – positive – practical – powerful – life changing”
~ Vibrational Synergy Class
“The awareness of the subject is amazing. I feel Jill really transferred this understanding to us.”
~ Dr. Carolyn, Georgia, Class
“I had a very strong response to this work on several levels. It went beyond my expectations.”
~ Cathy, Georgia, Class
“Many thanks to Jill for her sincerity, knowledge, skills, and many corrections that will assist me in practicing this method in all areas of my life.”
~ Debra V., Georgia, Class
“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and plan to immediately implement what I’ve learned. Jill was extremely knowledgeable and provided wonderful feedback comments.”
~ Pat M., Georgia, Class
“Jill was very insightful and intuitive. It was difficult for me to formulate all of the questions I had, she was able to interpret my meanings and clearly explain the information I was looking for. She’s very supportive, warm and helpful.”
~ Cathy , South Carolina, Class
“I love taking this class.”
~ Pamela, Georgia, Class
“Taking the class was a thoroughly positive experience. I feel empowered and excited to have this method in my life.”
~ Blair, Georgia, Class