About Jill


Since childhood, like many others I have experienced things beyond the five senses. With perfect timing, I was led on a path of study in the multidimensional existence of our being. The interconnectedness of the multidimensional universe and our physical experience has captured my attention all my life; with great curiosity and thirst I continue to explore, live and be on a path of higher learning.

With continual expansion Clear Energetics™ was created, then I was lead to create Vibrational Synergy™ as a platform for accelerated vibration to facilitate transformation on all levels. Over several decades, my journey has lead me to study with some of the great Masters and teachers in the US and China. I am fortunate to teach seminars/classes for many years in the US and internationally. Vibrational Synergy™ was created in the essence of heart centered awareness, undefined Infinity and Creator energy. I have met many wonderful people,beings and teachers along my way and am joyful about the journey that is my life.
Gratitude and allowance are potent vibrations that are always available to us. Our deep acknowledgement of these vibrations which are ever present will open the Universe far beyond what we have previously known. The arena I am conveying goes beyond the concept and into the depth of our being. Every molecule in body and Universe is this and radiates this. Now I will also add humor into this vibrational mix…. the Universe is ever available for humor. Play and humor will open doors with speed and ease.
In Gratitude, Allowance and Humor ~ Jill


404.274.5566 ~  jill@clearenergetics.com