Vibrational Synergy™


Vibrational Synergy™ is a vibrational energetic healing reminds us on every level of our synergistic wholeness. When receiving the fullness of our Being, our life, health, wealth, harmony, spirit and wellness are whole. In this place and in allowance, issues dissolve immediately and we are reminded of our wholeness, our synergy.
Energies are viewed as light and information, when touched upon with full awareness, in an accelerated paradigm, the energies change instantly. These changes are with depth and clarity. Life can be lived from an organic state of health, wellness, wealth, response and inspired action. This is the application of quantum wellness in an accelerated energetic/vibrational paradigm. In 2004, after many years in the body/healing/vibrational healing arts field, Jill created Clear Energetics™, then several years later was also lead to create Vibrational Synergy™. Vibrational Synergy™ and Clear Energetics™ essence are of heart centered awareness, Creator energy and undefined infinity.

One on one sessions are available with Jill in person or by distance.